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What are the mistakes of daily skin care?

Mar. 11, 2022

Daily care products should not be mixed

Everyone's products are different, and it's best to find the product that suits you. Some families use the same care product for the whole family. Because everyone's skin characteristics are different, mixing care products may cause unnecessary damage to some people's skin. In particular, daily care products for adults and children must be differentiated.

Use the mask in moderation

Everyone has a love for beauty, and everyone wants to have a good skin and a good face. Some people wear masks every day, even several times a day. Zhang's approach is wrong. Frequent application of the mask will make his skin bear a heavy burden and cause unnecessary damage to the skin. Therefore, it is better to apply a mask in moderation.

What are the mistakes of daily skin care?

Excessive facial expressions

Some people like to make big facial expressions, make faces, and startle others. But what you don't know, not exaggerated facial expressions, will cause certain damage to the facial skin. Doing this regularly will cause some fine lines on the facial skin, which will affect the health of your facial skin.

Play with computer and mobile phone in moderation

Some people directly turn on the computer or mobile phone to play games after applying the mask or washing up. Zhang's habit can cause a lot of damage to his skin. We all know that high-tech products such as computers and mobile phones emit radiation. After the daily care, it is best not to touch this thing, just go to sleep.

Use only one brand of care products

Some people love a brand of care products, for example, he likes this brand of facial mask and also uses this brand of eye cream. But a brand of mask may be suitable for you, but her eye makeup may cause allergies to your skin. So don't fall in love with one brand of care products, choose the care products that apply to you.

Change care products frequently

Although different brands of care products have similar product ingredients. But there is still a difference. Long-term use of a brand of care products may cause some of the product ingredients to accumulate over time, causing a great impact on the skin. Changing your daily skin care products frequently is good for your skin.

Using care products requires proper steps

Using your daily care products requires the right steps, and if you don't do it properly, you may cause unnecessary damage to your skin. For example, after you pass the eye cream, many people massage the face with circular movements, which is not correct. The correct way should be to tap the ring finger next to the eye.

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