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What Are Peptides In Skincare?

Dec. 30, 2022

Maintaining a childlike face has always been the pursuit of beauty lovers, and the top skin care brands have been committed to satisfying this beautiful wish. In recent years, the hot active peptides have been frequently used by major skincare brands. Due to the complexity of aging causes, various peptides also exert unique effects with different mechanisms and are enthusiastic and sought after by ingredient parties. Next, let's take a look at the anti-aging product in the skincare ingredients - peptide!

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What are peptides?

The peptide is a degraded small molecule of collagen containing amino acid groups, which is a raw material product. The peptide is also a component that already exists in the human body, and it is a chain structure formed by amino acids. The protein we are familiar with is a kind of multi-peptide chain.

Peptides are composed of amino acids connected by peptide chains, but each peptide can be composed of many different amino acids. Two amino acids are called dipeptides, three amino acids are called tripeptides, and so on. Peptides that are usually less than 10 amino acids are called oligopeptides, and the tripeptides, pentapeptides, and even nonapeptides that are often heard at present belong to the oligopeptide chain. Each oligopeptide chain has a different effect. Those with more amino acids are called polypeptides, and those with more than 50 are called proteins. Due to the different types of amino acids contained, there are also different types of dipeptides, tripeptides, etc., so there are now "peptides" with various functions and variable names.

Peptides are involved in the fields of hormones, nerves, cell growth, and reproduction of the human body. Its importance lies in adjusting the physiological functions of various systems and cells in the body, activating relevant enzyme systems in the body, promoting the permeability of intermediate metabolic membranes, or controlling DNA transcription. Or affect specific protein synthesis, and finally produce specific physiological effects.

The beauty effect of peptides in skin care products

The biological activity of a peptide depends on its amino acid composition and sequence. Almost all physiological processes in the human body are regulated by peptides or proteins composed of specific amino acid sequences. Therefore, bioactive peptides have become a new direction and idea for the development and application of cosmetics, and their functions are becoming more and more subdivided, such as: anti-aging, repairing, anti-oxidation, anti-edema, promoting hair regeneration, inhibiting melanin production, breast enhancement, weight loss, etc..

The skin is the human body's natural barrier against external environmental aggression and has a certain protective effect on external stimuli, which is due to the protective effect of the skin's dense stratum corneum. But this also blocks the nutrients of skin care products on the skin surface. Nutrients need to penetrate through the stratum corneum cell membrane to enter the dermis. Only a small amount of macromolecules and fat-soluble substances can be absorbed through pores and sweat pores. Therefore, most of the skincare products we usually use only stay on the surface of the skin, while the beauty peptides with biological activity can easily pass through the gap of the stratum corneum and enter the dermis to play a role.

Peptides were originally used directly in products by some European and American cosmeceuticals. The mechanism of action is similar to that of protein. It can promote the proliferation of collagen, elastic fibers and hyaluronic acid, increase the moisture content of the skin, increase skin thickness and reduce fine lines. Due to the different types of amino acids it contains, it can play different roles and meet the needs of different functions of the skin.

What Are Peptides In Skincare?cid=21

How do peptides fight age?

Nowadays, peptides are widely used in cosmetics and skincare products, as the main ingredient of anti-aging and firming skin, because of their different mechanisms of action to achieve the purpose of anti-aging.

Function 1: By inhibiting the synthesis of SNARE and the excessive release of catecholamine and acetylcholine in the skin, it partially prevents the nerve from transmitting the information of muscle contraction, promotes the relaxation of facial muscles, and can remove wrinkles and light lines.

Function 2: Promote the synthesis of grass-roots protein, increase the proliferation of collagen, elastic fibers, and hyaluronic acid, increase the moisture content of the skin, and anti-wrinkle, and firm the skin.

Function 3: Improve skin edema, improve microcirculation, strengthen blood circulation, and eliminate inflammation.

Function 4: Anti-carbonylation, protect collagen from being damaged by active carbonyl groups, scavenge free radicals, and promote the growth of collagen; in addition, it also helps the skin to resist oxidation and glycation.

Function 5: Block the conduction of melanin-stimulating hormone, inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, and reduce the chance of melanin production.

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