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Vitamin C Benefits For Skin

Jun. 27, 2023

1. even skin tone
Infiltrated by a variety of plant essence extract to help the skin absorb effectively, help uniform skin color, brighten skin color and diminish uneven tone.
2. Replenish water and moisturize
Lay a good foundation for skin undertones and help reduce fine lines. Protect against skin damage caused by external factors.
3, improve the rough and uneven skin
Deep moisturizing and compacting the skin, giving the skin multiple protection, so that the skin always maintains a fair state of water and moisture.
vitamin c serum can make skin color uniform, its various plant essence extract permeates the skin deeper layers to help skin absorb effectively, even and retexturize skin, glowing skin, reduce dark spots and improve your skin texture. It can help your skin lock in moisture and replenish nutrients, lay a better foundation for skin and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Protect against skin damage caused by external factors. It can also improve the rough skin and uneven pigmentation, moisturize and tighten the skin deeply, give multiple protection to the skin, and keep the skin hydrated and fair at all times to get rid of dull skin.
Why does vitamin c need to avoid the light?
First of all, we should understand the antioxidant property of vitamin c. Whitening and antioxidant are two advantages of VC skin care products. With these two benefits, VC has won many skin care brands and fairies. The so-called antioxidant, to put it bluntly, is that VC (ascorbic acid) destroys oxidizing free radicals by sacrificing its own means (VC loses electrons to dehydroascorbic acid). However, VC itself is very unstable, easy to be oxidized by oxygen under the action of ultraviolet light and lose its activity, at the same time, it is sensitive to temperature and other sundries in aqueous solution, only in the anhydrous environment or acidic water with PH value less than 3.5%. In the solution, we can show better stability. It can be seen that the stability of VC is related to ultraviolet ray, oxygen, temperature, and environment. The so-called light avoidance means avoiding ultraviolet radiation, and it has no relationship with light, mobile phone/computer light.
In order to solve the problem of the stability of VC, there are two methods:
First, work on packaging and formula. For example, avoid light preservation (use brown, dark glass bottle filling, such as SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic ), VC powder (such as clinique Daily Booster VC serum, philosophy vitamin c booster turbo booster c powder), use anhydrous formula (such as Rohto Melano CC ), etc.
Second, the use of VC derivatives with better temperature and stability as an alternative, but the VC derivatives need to be converted back to the VC to function, which in turn leads to a problem of lower utilization, while the raw material costs also increase.
However, we can rest assured that VC derivatives (such as AA6P ascorbate palmitate, AA-2G ascorbate glucosides, VC-IP ascorbate tetraisopalmitate, etc.) are generally more stable than VC, can be used completely during the day, and the irritation is much lower.

Vitamin C Benefits For Skin

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