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Three Skin Care Tips for Combination Skin

Mar. 11, 2022

Three Skin Care Tips for Combination Skin

If you are a certain age, and you don't pay too much attention to skin care in your daily life, you will be prone to various skin problems, which will naturally directly affect our appearance, so in order to keep yourself more youthful Self-confidence, you should pay attention to understanding some skin care methods at ordinary times, and the following are some care methods and techniques for combination skin.

1. When cleaning the skin every day, wash it once more in the oily area. In the oily area, you can use a scrub for deep cleaning (exfoliation) every three days.

2. Regularly clean the skin - apply face, when applying face, be sure to make a mask in different areas, use a refreshing mask on the T-shaped part, and use a moisturizing and nutritional mask on the dry part.

3.In the daily maintenance, to strengthen the moisturizing work, do not apply greasy skin care products. Fourth, the dry part should focus on moisturizing, use hot compress to promote metabolism, make lotion, and moisturizing lotion to strengthen moisturizing to replenish moisture. Don't use a skin care product all over the face, causing the oil to become more oily, and the dry areas are still the same. In fact, thorough cleansing and moisturizing is the most correct maintenance for oily and acne-prone areas.

Whether it is a man or a woman, the skin care problem cannot be ignored, because everyone hopes that their skin can be kept fresh and clean at all times. When we have smooth and bright skin, we will become more confident. , It will also have a positive effect on our work and life, and effectively prevent the occurrence of acne problems.

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