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Sleeping Overnight Face Mask

Jun. 27, 2023

The gel sleeping mask is convenient to use, does not need to be cleaned, and can be directly applied to sleeping and absorption, so that the deep-layer nourishing of the skin can be carried out, and the sleeping mask is the most loved and applied to the sleep mask and is not applied to the eyes at the time of applying the sleep mask, so as to avoid the stimulation of the skin of the eyes.

Sleeping Overnight Face Mask

Should the gel sleeping face mask avoid the eye area?
It is necessary to avoid the use of the eye, and the sleeping mask should not be applied to the surroundings of the eye. Some sleep masks contain pungent ingredients such as alcohol, which can be applied to the eyes to stimulate the skin of the eyes and red eyes. And the components of some sleep mask can not be absorbed by the periocular skin, there will be many small oil particles
How thick is the sleep mask?
Mask thickness is not the standard for determining how much skin absorbs, but too much application will breed bacteria. The correct way is to evenly smear the whole face with the size of a dollar coin before bedtime, and then massage to make sure the mask is fully absorbed into the skin.
The use of the gel sleep mask
Step 1: Follow the usual face-to-face method, and then apply skin-care products such as toner.
Step 2: After the maintenance of the product, use the palm to warm the whole face to help the absorption.
Step 3: Then avoid the eyes around the eye, gently apply the mask from the bottom to the top, and by the way, the skin and the neck can be applied.
Step 4: After the facial mask is applied, the half-hour sleep mask is dried to form a protection layer, and all the applied skin-care products are locked, and then you can go to bed.
Matters needing attention in the use of sleep face mask
1. Don't go to bed immediately after applying the sleep mask. It is best to go to bed after the sleep mask is dry because there is no dry mask that easily soils the pillow quilt and has the possibility of breeding bacteria.
2. Although sleep mask can give full care to skin, it is not suitable for daily use. Daily use will lead to excess nutrition and excessive pressure on the skin.
3, sleep mask also has a lot of functional distinction, must choose suitable for their own products according to their own skin conditions, do not blindly follow the wind, suitable for their own is the best.
4, do not rely too much on the mask, and ignore the daily basic care, basic care can give the skin a good state so that sleep mask can get twice the result with half the effort.

Sleeping Overnight Face Mask

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