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Should Lotion andCream Be Used at The Same Time?

Mar. 04, 2022

Difference Between Lotion and Cream

Lotion and cream are essentially the same thing, the whole system is the same, but the appearance is different, thin and easy to flow is called lotion, thick and difficult to flow is called cream. A little professional expression, mainly because the rheological system is different, the one with high yield value is called cream, and the one with low yield value is called lotion.

Should Lotion andCream Be Used at The Same Time?cid=21

This may be difficult for everyone to understand, so let's take an example to understand. The cream is equivalent to the rice that is usually eaten. The rice is made of rice and water, but the water is relatively small and the fluidity is poor. Eating it can fill the stomach (equivalent to the moisturizing, moisturizing, whitening and other effects of the cream); the lotion is equivalent to Porridge is also made of rice and water, but it has a lot of water and good fluidity, but it can also fill the stomach after eating (it also has the functions of hydrating, moisturizing, whitening, etc.). Young people have good digestive ability and like to eat rice; old people have poor digestive ability and like to drink porridge. Equivalent to some people like to use lotion, some people like to use cream.

Should Lotion andCream Be Used at The Same Time?cid=21

The main difference between lotion and cream is the fluidity. In the impression of many people, the cream is thicker, and the added nutrients will be a little more. From the point of view of the sales price, the price of the cream is indeed much higher than that of the lotion, which seems to support this view. In fact, lotions can add as many functional ingredients as creams to make products with good efficacy. The view that creams contain higher nutrients than lotions is wrong. However, in order to cater to this perception of consumers, some businesses deliberately design lotions to be lower in nutrients than creams when designing formulas, which is a marketing technique.

Also, there is a perception that lotions are oil-in-water systems and creams are water-in-oil systems, which is not true. Whether it is a lotion or a cream, both systems can be used, and the emulsification system for the product mainly depends on the product positioning.

Lotions are more refreshing and creams are more moisturizing, which is not accurate. The lotion can be very moisturizing, and the cream can also be very refreshing. If you compare lotions and creams from different brands, you will often find that some are more moisturizing than creams. However, for the same brand and the same series of products, the lotion does have less oil content than the cream, and it will be more refreshing.

Should lotion and cream be used at the same time?

It can be seen from the above analysis that lotions and creams are essentially the same. Strictly speaking, they belong to the same type of cosmetics, and they play the same role in skin care, so there is no need to use them at the same time. For the same brand and the same series of products, the functional ingredients of lotions and creams are usually similar, and the main difference is the degree of moisturization. The lotion is refreshing and thinner, while the cream is moisturizing and thicker. As for the choice of lotion or cream for skin care, it should be selected according to the season, regional differences, the nature of your own skin, etc., combined with the moisturizing degree of the product and personal preference.

The absorption of nutrients by the skin has an upper limit, not the more it is supplied, the more it is absorbed. When designers are designing formulas, the same type of product can basically meet the needs of the skin, and there is no need to use the same type of products superimposed. Lotion and cream belong to the same dosage form in the skin care step, and their functions are similar. If the lotion and cream are used together, the extra nutrients cannot be absorbed by the skin, which not only causes serious waste, but also may cause excessive nutrients to the skin. Causes a burden and accelerates skin aging. This is also one of the reasons why some people use a lot of skin care products, but their skin is getting worse and worse.

The efficacy appeal of each brand is different. Different brands of lotions and creams are superimposed. Some of the lotions used in the front will form a layer of polymer film on the surface of the skin, which separates the subsequent use of the cream from the skin and affects the absorption of the active ingredients of the cream. , which affects the final use effect.

Some consumers feel that rubbing the cream directly is not enough moisturizing, so they use lotion as a base first, and then rub the cream. In fact, MM who has this feeling must not have a good choice of toner. Keeping the skin hydrated and smooth, laying the foundation for the absorption of subsequent products is an important function of toners. You can't add a lotion by mistake because of the wrong choice of toner.

In the dry and cold season, some people feel that the lotion alone is not moisturizing enough, and they will add another cream to increase the water-locking ability. I don't agree with this approach. Since the water-locking ability is not enough, why not choose a cream with strong moisturizing ability and high moisturizing degree? Unless this lotion can't find another cream alternative in terms of efficacy.

Skin care is not to use as many products as possible, but to use skin care products properly. Many skin problems are caused by oneself. Choosing the right products for your skin and simplifying your skin care are the basic principles of skin care.

To sum up, creams and lotions are essentially the same formulation of cosmetics, with the same formulation system, the difference is only in fluidity. Creams have the same functions as lotions, and vice versa. Lotion and cream, just choose one product, there is no need to use them together. In the same way, gels, gels, gels, creams, etc. on the market belong to the same care step in skin care as lotions and creams. Just choose one of the products, and you don’t need to use them at the same time.

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