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New fashion trend! Acne patch!

Dec. 02, 2022

Acne is undoubtedly a stumbling block on the road to beauty. Among the dazzling array of acne products, there is a very popular anti-acne artifact-acne patch. Not only skincare and beauty bloggers are crazy about Amway, but even celebrities are also using it!!


New fashion trend! Acne patch!

Why are acne stickers so popular? Do you understand it You will know after reading this article! ▽


Understanding Acne

Acne, another name: pimples. It is a chronic inflammatory skin disease of the pilosebaceous unit. The occurrence of acne is mainly closely related to factors such as excessive sebum secretion, pilosebaceous gland duct blockage, bacterial infection, and inflammatory response. The clinical symptoms of acne are mainly pleomorphic skin lesions such as acne, papules, pustules, and nodules on the face and upper chest and back.


New fashion trend! Acne patch!

What is an acne patch

The acne patch is made of a special hydrophilic hydrocolloid as the main raw material, which can absorb secretions after being pasted on the acne and help to calm the acne. And it can reduce the chance of bacterial infection, which is more suitable for inflammatory acne. Compared with other acne products, the acne patch is safe and effective. It does not need to be applied but is like a small patch, which is very convenient to use. The ultra-thin invisible model even has an invisible effect with makeup.

The inner layer contains hydrophilic particles that help absorb wound exudate, follicular pus, and pustules when in contact with a wound. At the same time, it can maintain a moist environment on the wound surface, promote the crawling of epithelial cells, form a hypoxic environment on the wound surface, and accelerate the growth of new blood vessels. and wound healing.

New fashion trend! Acne patch!

New fashion trend! Acne patch!

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