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Is it good to use a facial mask every day ?

Feb. 17, 2022

Spring is coming, and it's the season when the goddesses show their beauty. Masks are the artifact of many goddesses' beauty skin care. Many people know how to use masks for skin care, but do you really know how to apply masks? There are rumors that since applying a mask is so useful, we should apply it every day, so that we will always have a good complexion! Do you think this rumor is credible? Can the mask be used every day?

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Is it really good to apply a mask every day?

After photorejuvenation, the doctor will tell people a moisturizing mask shoule be used every day for 1 to 2 weeks.  In this case, it is ok. In order to keep the skin hydrated and increase the skin rejuvenation effect, the moisturizing mask can be used continuously.

In a dry environment, it is recommended to appropriately increase the frequency of using the moisturizing mask and keep it once a day. In extreme environments such as deserts, it can be used more than 3 times a day. However, if it is a facial mask with functions such as whitening, anti-wrinkle, and acne removal, it cannot be applied every day, usually 1 to 2 times a week, otherwise it will increase the stimulation of the skin and induce sensitive skin, which will not be worth the loss.

No maintenance before applying the mask

The mask is actually a short-term skin care measure, so if there are other things on the skin that should not exist, such as suppuration, it will have some unexpected effects on the skin, so before applying the mask, it is necessary to properly clean it, Remove dead skin scabs, and carry out appropriate treatment for key problem areas under the guidance of a doctor. Otherwise, the effect of applying the mask will not be achieved, and adverse reactions will occur instead.

Never wash your face after using a mask

Some masks are of essence nature, you really don't need to wash your face, just pat the remaining essence to absorb and apply cream directly. However, some masks must be cleaned off, such as washing masks themselves, or some efficacy masks containing fruit acid, or sleeping masks.

Wash-off masks may contain some white granules such as zinc oxide, and incomplete cleaning will affect the absorption of subsequent creams, rather than clogging pores (this is another misunderstanding).

If the ingredients containing fruit acid are not washed off, they will stay on the skin for too long, which will increase the depth of skin peeling, increase the irritation, and increase the chance of sensitive skin. Sleeping masks often form a layer of transparent soft gel-like film on the skin, and incomplete cleaning also affects the absorption and effect of subsequent creams. Therefore, essence masks such as non-woven fabrics can not be washed. Other suggestions are to wash.

The longer you wear the facial mask, the better

In principle, the skin cannot work under high humidity for a long time, which affects various functions, especially the precious barrier function of the skin. Both too high and too low of hydration reduce barrier function.

Eczema in children is caused by impaired barrier function caused by too low moisture. However, if the hydration is too high, the barrier function is damaged, and some microorganisms such as bacteria are also easy to reproduce. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the time of applying the mask should not exceed 30 minutes, and it can be maintained for about 20 minutes. Sleeping masks are actually a night cream, not in this category.

Apply the mask and take a bath at the same time

The temperature and humidity of the environment, the size of the pores of the skin itself and the degree of blood supply all affect the absorption function of the skin. Taking a bath can idealize the above-mentioned related factors and increase the function of the skin to absorb nutrients, so it can be done at the same time. But still pay attention to some exfoliating masks, appropriately reduce the time of applying the mask, in order to achieve a suitable exfoliation effect, not excessive. 

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