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Is a sheet mask better or a cream mask better?

Feb. 17, 2022

How do masks make skin better? Is a sheet mask or cream mask better? Today we are going to reveal the difference between them!

1. How does the mask make the skin better?

You may say, because there are ingredients such as essence in it! It is not so simple, the mask can play the magic of beauty, mainly from the joint effect of the following four aspects:

① Sealing: The mask can temporarily isolate the facial skin from the air, so that the water in the skin cannot be volatilized, thereby increasing the hydration of the skin.

②Warm: When the skin is isolated from the air, the temperature of the skin will rise, the pores will expand, and the dirt in the skin will be easily removed, achieving the purpose of cleaning the skin. At the same time, it can also accelerate the microcirculation of the skin and the metabolism of cells, so the skin usually has a transparent luster and a rosy feeling after applying the mask.

③ Penetration: Due to the large increase in the amount of water in the skin cells in a short period of time, the intercellular space becomes larger, which promotes the penetration and absorption of the effective nutrients in the mask.

④Cleaning: During the process of applying the mask, the keratin of the skin softens and the pores expand. At this time, the mask can absorb skin secretions and dirt well. When the mask is removed, the dirt will be removed along with the mask and clean the skin.

Is a sheet mask better or a cream mask better?cid=21

Second, sheet mask VS cream mask, which would you choose?

The reason why sheet masks are so popular is that they are easy to carry, can be replaced frequently, and are convenient and simple to use. However, there are still some fairies who love beauty prefer creamy masks. I often heard such questions: is a sheet mask or a cream mask better?

In terms of efficacy, the main functions of the sheet mask are instant hydration and quick skin repair, while the performance of the cream mask will be better in terms of deep cleansing, acne removal and oil control, and skin repair.

From the point of view of use experience, the cream mask will be a little more troublesome, but its advantages are that it has complete functions, can be cared for in different areas, and has little stimulation. more targeted care.

Therefore, sheet masks and cream masks can be said to have their own strengths. Little fairies can choose facial masks of different textures according to their different needs and occasions. For example, when you are traveling, have important appointments, meetings, etc., of course, it is more convenient and faster to use a sheet mask; if you want to perform deep cleaning and skin repair at home, and you have enough time, you can choose a cream mask. 

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