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If you don't solve it,can't you get rid of acne

Jun. 27, 2023

Acne goes and comes again, more and more serious? Have you ever wondered why? Today, I'll take you to the story behind acne and explore the root causes of acne.

If you don't solve it,can't you get rid of acne

The birth of acne organization
Acne is an evil organization with many members, of the same origin, led by the internal selection, the basic path of growth is acne-papules-pustules, nodules, cysts.
Junior member-acne. The oil in the skin itself is healthy and harmless, but when the sebaceous gland is hyperfunction, it will secrete too much sebum, coupled with abnormal keratosis of hair follicles. In this environment, the grease can not be discharged smoothly, more and more accumulated, and finally, some acne is born, and they are also old members of the organization.
There are three different forms of acne: micro acne (dilated sebaceous gland duct of hair follicles, invisible to the naked eye), white head acne (closed, an upgraded version of micro acne, more obvious, slightly protruding), blackhead acne (open, oxidized, black gray).
Intermediate member-papules. Some junior members (acne) in the process of pursuing growth, encountered a large number of groups of thugs-Propionium acnes, the two together, made a little movement (resulting in inflammatory reaction), as a result, this group of troublesome acne grew into papules. Papules red, small, is the primary reaction to inflammation.
Superior leaders-pustules, nodules, cysts. Growing papules want to be stronger, so after meeting a group of evil tissues (neutrophils), they choose to "cooperate" with them to form pustules. After the formation of the team, they spread out looking for more "like-minded" partners, forming nodules (perifollicular inflammation), and some of them encountered fibrous tissue encirclement and cysts as they developed their members.
In this way, an organization was slowly born. Although the membership of the acne group is different, each member can be called acne.

If you don't solve it,can't you get rid of acne

Background of acne organization establishment-keratosis abnormality
The formation of this organization is based on the abnormal keratinization of the pituitary duct, and the hyperplasia of the keratinocyte of the pituitary duct and the desquasi-off of the endothelium cause the keratosis abnormality.

The main ingredients of the newly formed sebum are glycerides, as well as wax grease, squalene and a small amount of cholesterol, cholesterol esters, etc., which are designed to protect our skin from any damage under normal circumstances. However, when keratosis is abnormal (or on the basis of the formation of micro-acne), sebum provides a good cultivation environment and anaerobic for propionibacterium acne, which will lead to the proliferation of Propionibacterium acnes. Propionium acne can produce lipase, decompose sebum and change the composition of sebum. Propionic acid acnes can decompose a large number of free fatty acids (decomposed by glycerides), as well as squalene and squalene. Oxides, these changed lipid components, can aggravate keratosis.
The above factors are the causes of keratosis. In addition, that influence factor also includes inheritance, as well as androgens, and the like.
All these background conditions contributed to the birth and growth of acne, a dark organization, and now we have a way to govern them, and many "places" have succeeded in destroying them.
Knowing the causes and symptoms of acne, we can solve this organization from the root.
1.control Keratinization abnormality
Vitamin A (Retinol) can regulate gene expression, regulate epidermis activity and inhibit the proliferation of keratinocytes by transforming vitamin A (Retinol) into Retinic acid in cells and interacting with Retinaldehyde (oxidation product of vitamin A under dehydrogenase), which can regulate gene expression, regulate epidermis activity and inhibit the proliferation of keratinocytes.

If you don't solve it,can't you get rid of acne

2.Inhibition of anaerobically propionic acid bacillus
Excessive sebum secretion can form anaerobically propionic acid bacillus, aggravate the deterioration of skin acne, clean skin oxygen injection, destroy the living environment of anaerobes, on the other hand, remove excessive sebum and cooperate with bacteriostatic and clean ingredients, which is more effective.

If you don't solve it,can't you get rid of acne

3.Internal conditioning
The secretion of sebum is also influenced by the hormone in the body. The healthy life and eating habits can ensure the normal level of hormone in all aspects of the body.

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