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Four Tips on How to Choose The Right Body Lotion For Your Skin

Apr. 08, 2022

How to choose the Right Body Lotion For Your Skin?

Many people will pay attention to facial care, hair care, but ignore the care of the body. In addition to using a moisturizing shower gel, body care also requires a bottle of moisturizing body lotion. Especially in dry winters, lack of water can lead to dry, itchy, peeling skin and other problems. But with so many body lotions on the market, how should we choose? Today, this article will share with you how to choose body lotion from the following aspects.

How to choose body lotion

1. Choose according to the season of use

Generally speaking, our body secretes more oil in spring and summer. At this time, we should choose a refreshing body lotion. These body lotions are mostly lotions or gels with light texture, which can moisturize the skin without increasing the burden.  In the dry autumn and winter seasons, the air humidity is low, and the skin will be dehydrated. At this time, you should choose a moisturizing body lotion with high moisturizing effect. These body lotions are mostly cream-like, with a thicker texture, but can deeply hydrate.

2. Choose according to skin type

No matter how good skin care products are, they also need to be suitable for their skin type to really play their role. Choose body lotion according to different skin types. Similar to the above seasonal effects, it is recommended to choose strong moisturizing properties for dry skin, and the ingredients should preferably contain glycerin. For oily skin, it is recommended to choose a lotion that has a lighter texture and contains vitamins. In addition, whether it is dry skin or oily skin, if you have sensitive skin, you need to pay special attention to the ingredients of the body lotion when purchasing. You should choose a lotion with no additives, natural ingredients, and low irritation to avoid allergic reactions.

3. Choose according to the effect

Moisturizing body lotion can add moisture to dry skin and solve the problem of dry, itchy and peeling skin. In addition to ordinary moisturizing, if you want to improve your skin in a targeted manner, you have to choose body lotions with different effects. For example, whitening body lotion can lighten dark spots, reduce skin melanin deposition, and make your skin white and tender. If you want to say goodbye to chicken skin, then you should choose a repairing body lotion containing fruit acids, which can soften cutin, help improve rough skin, and make your skin smoother!

Four, according to the fragrance selection

If you like a little scent on your body, but don't want to be as strong as spraying perfume, then a long-lasting body lotion will be a good choice for you. The fragrance of the body lotion is relatively light, and when you rub it on your body, it will inadvertently emit a faint fragrance, which invisibly increases your charm in the crowd. But if you have the habit of spraying perfume, then you need to pay special attention to picking a body lotion with a similar fragrance or choose a fragrance-free type to avoid fragrance conflicts.

The focus of skin care products is not about the price, but the one that suits you is the best. Skin care is a long way, and it's worth persevering. After choosing a body lotion that suits you, remember to use it every day!

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