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How Do you Choose The Right Serum For Your Skin?

Feb. 25, 2022

What is the serum? When caring for the skin, the commonly used toner,lotion,cream and other effects cannot meet a specific need (such as whitening, anti-aging, etc.), so when developing the formula structure of such products, some specific active ingredients will be strengthened, Incremental and targeted solutions to specific problems, such skin care products are often referred to as the serum. Because some active ingredients in the serum will occupy a high proportion in the formula (in general water creams, these ingredients will not be used in such a high amount), and these active ingredients are generally expensive, which results in the overall price of the serum high.

How do you choose the right serum for your skin?cid=21

When some active ingredients are added too high in the formula, it is easy to cause instability of the entire system and loss of efficacy, which is also a very test of technology during formula development. Therefore, in the selection of serum, it is still necessary to choose some genuine brands as much as possible, at least the craftsmanship and effect can be guaranteed.

Serums are mostly developed for a specific problem, so different serums have different active ingredients and cannot be generalized.

Such as moisturizing serum, when designing the formula, it will consider adding more ingredients with the ability to lock water, generally hyaluronic acid, ceramide, cholesterol, etc. The skin is prone to dryness, and people who are dehydrated should use more in moderation.

For whitening serum, some substances with anti-oxidation and melanin-inhibiting ingredients will be considered in the formula, which mainly has the effect of whitening, which is suitable for most people, and it is better to use it earlier than later.

How do you choose the right serum for your skin?cid=21

Anti-aging serum such as the now popular anti-wrinkle eye cream serum, belong to this category, mainly aimed at solving skin aging problems. As we age, wrinkles will come one day, and what we can do is to choose the right skin care products to delay its arrival.

In addition, there are some soothing serums for sensitive skin, oil control serum for oily skin, etc., which are also aimed at solving specific problems.

Although serums are effective in caring for specific skin problems, a single serum also has limitations. So different types of serums can be used together to enhance the effect. For people with sensitive skin, carefully choose the serum that is suitable for the skin, because some active ingredients in the serums are higher in dosage and may also irritate the skin. The one that suits you is the best, so the choice of serum should also be based on your skin, and choose the serum that suits you.

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