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Does Custom Skin Care Really Have Potential in The Future?

Apr. 07, 2022

Does custom skin care really have potential in the future? New consumer trends tell you

A few days ago, Atolla, an American custom skin care startup brand, received $2.5 million in financing, led by private equity fund Lyra Growth Partners.

Atolla uses a monthly subscription model to try to identify skin health problems through machine learning and achieve ideal skin conditions for consumers. They customize the serum with the most matching ingredients and concentration for consumers through the data system according to the customer's skin history, problems and lifestyle in helping women continue to test the skin in the future, to collect their products in different environments, for different data related to the use effect of the skin are continuously improved and adjusted.

According to co-founder Ranella Hirsch, Atolla's sales have grown more than fivefold in the past six months and are estimated to be at least $2 million in 2020.

The birth of a successful brand often implies some factors that conform to the rules of success. Custom skin care startup brand Atolla is a brand that uses machine learning algorithms to repair problem skin and customize skin care products for users. So, is custom skin care really have potential in the future? We can talk about how "customized skin care" has become a blue ocean for the beauty and skin care industry.

Does Custom Skin Care Really Have Potential in The Future

01.Consumption upgrade, major brands have entered the game for customized skin care

In addition to Atolla, many beauty and skin care brands have been exploring the frontiers in the field of personalized skin care in recent years.

In 2019, Japan's Shiseido launched an "Optune" personalized skin care system that can "customize personalized skin care by taking a photo". The mobile phone APP can measure the current skin condition by taking pictures of the skin, and also according to the weather and temperature. After analyzing the objective factors again, you can get a skin care product that is most suitable for the environment and skin condition of the day. This algorithm, which can derive a personalized skin care model adapted to the customer's real-time skin environment, saves the store's time in selecting and purchasing skin care products.

Not only that, European consumer goods giant Unilever (Unilever) conducted a strategic assessment of its beauty and personal care brands, believing that the skin care industry has too narrow a sense of skin needs, ignoring the connection between skin and health, lifestyle and the environment , launched Skinsei, a direct-to-consumer, health-inspired, personalized skincare brand. Customers fill out a questionnaire on the official website. The content of the questionnaire mainly includes living habits. These questions can roughly understand what kind of state your skin is in. After filling out, the website will customize a personalized skin care solution for the customer based on the answer. On the homepage of the official website, Skinsei can see the brand emphasis on meeting individual needs.

At the beginning of last year, Clinique launched the iD active core milk, which can be customized for each person according to the "skin", which is very popular among consumers. This is mainly based on 3 classic butter lotions suitable for different skin types, with 5 active cores with different functions, which can be freely matched no matter what function is required. First of all, it has a lot of choices. You can always choose the one you want according to different skin types and needs. It is a real customization. At the same time, different iD active core milk can be superimposed on each other to achieve more effects, and also You can stack other products to meet everyone's skin care needs, and you can customize your own usage as long as you want. When it was launched in the United States at that time, the iD live core milk was so popular that it was out of stock. Whether it was the reputation of consumers or the evaluation of industry professionals, this product achieved a crushing victory.

Kao launched customized skin care products based on genetic information in 2019. Through the genetic information in RNA, it can detect the aging conditions such as wrinkles of customers, and can also predict the risks of skin diseases and other aspects. According to the results of data analysis, it will be formulated for customers to maintain Products for healthy skin. Many skin care enthusiasts who have been admiring the experience have also achieved the purpose of skin care through skin care "black technology". It is reported that this technology will also be widely promoted in the market this year.

As we can see, the trend of personal customization is gradually emerging in skin care products, not only is the competition between big brands, but also a large number of cutting-edge brands will participate in the future, and they will be personalized, precise and professional. custom slogan.

02.The concept of skin care is becoming more and more rational, and "personalization" represents luxury

The skin is like a fingerprint, and different skin problems require different skin care products. As people's demands for skin care are getting higher and higher, traditional skin care products have long been unable to fully satisfy different skin types. At present, skin care products on the market are basically mass-produced, so for shopping malls, personalized skin care can be an advantage for them.

In the "World Beauty Industry Trends 2018" report released by Mintel, it is emphasized that in the future, the beauty industry will have to address the personal needs of consumers. Therefore, personalized customized skin care is also a real rigid demand. From the perspective of market feedback and demand, customized skin care products according to individual skin problems may become a new trend. In the future, the private customization market of skin care products may become the next battlefield for the skin care industry to seize the market.

Girls love their own personalised products, but according to a consumer survey from Asian markets, "personalisation" means luxury. On the one hand, the high cost is the biggest difficulty in personal customized skin care. For brands, in addition to production costs, one-to-one store services also require hidden costs. For us consumers, only a very small number of people can afford "product customization" in the true sense.

On the other hand, the safety and stability of the formula are also questioned by private customization. According to industry insiders, a formula needs to go through multiple tests before it can be put on the market. Any change in the ratio of raw materials will bring many uncertainties to the final quality of the product.

03.The beauty economy tends to be customized, or will become the next outlet

According to the latest data forecast, by 2023, the cosmetics market is expected to reach 806 billion US dollars, and its rapid growth is inseparable from the investment in artificial intelligence in the retail field. AI spending in retail is expected to top $7.3 billion by 2022. The accelerated integration of technology and beauty has allowed major brands to accelerate their deployment in product innovation and personalized skin care.

Looking at the competitive environment of global skin care products, the precise skin care model of "customized skin care" just meets the needs of women's skin care consumption upgrade, which is undoubtedly a big demand in the beauty market in the future.

The prospect of customized skin care is obvious to all, but it is not an easy task. In China, the personalized skin care product customization market is not very mature. It seems that many companies are doing it, and many products have emerged, but in fact, the good and the bad are mixed. In the long run, in addition to experience, private customized skin care brands must have trump card tools such as product and service pertinence, price competition, and safety, in order to truly open up the market for big data in the beauty industry.

 "One person, one formulation" customization has become an unstoppable new trend in the field of beauty and skin care. It is believed that under the brewing of the market and the development of many brand enterprises, customized skin care will inevitably become warmly welcome.

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