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Do you know how to use scrubs?

Mar. 04, 2022

In our daily life, we often use a product like a scrub. The so-called scrub, refers to the emulsified skin cleanser containing uniform fine particles. It is mainly used to remove dirt from the deep layers of the skin and to remove dead skin. So when you choose, you must try whether the abrasive particles are smooth and whether they are too hard!

But, do you really use scrubs? Do you know the misunderstanding with using scrubs?

Let this article answer you one by one.

Do you know how to use scrubs?cid=21

Where to use the scrub

Some parts of the cutin are too thick, you can also use the way of scrub to make the skin smooth. If you have acne, using a scrub to remove dead skin can also help smooth the discharge of oil, which has a certain therapeutic effect. In general, the appropriate number of scrubs to use is: oily skin use once every 2 weeks. Dry skin or thin facial skin use once a month; normal or combination skin once every 2 weeks, can be used only on the T-zone. In addition, combination skin can also be used topically on areas with oily or rough skin.

Scrubs should not be used in the following circumstances

1. The skin with allergic peeling and other conditions cannot remove dead skin.

Many friends think that when the skin peels, it is dead skin, but these skins cannot be removed by exfoliating. Because peeling areas are particularly sensitive, exfoliation can damage the dermis of the skin.

2. Acne-prone skin can not remove dead skin.

Because when our skin has acne, the skin will have inflamed parts. At this time, the skin's self-protection and self-repair ability is very poor. Removing dead skin will stimulate acne and cause bacterial infection.

3. Friends with skin diseases can't remove dead skin. Although many patients will have scaly skin when they have skin diseases. At this time, when the dead skin is removed, it is easy to damage our own skin that is not damaged, and it is easy to Stimulates skin diseases and aggravates the disease.

Body wash first or scrub first?

Use the body wash first, then the scrub! Be sure to remember!

When taking a bath, wash your body with shower gel first, which can help the skin to open pores and remove sweat, dust and dirt on the surface of the skin, but the cleaning ability of shower gel is limited and cannot remove dead skin from the body. Skin is thoroughly cleansed.

How to use body scrub?

1. Use a scrub to exfoliate, and then use a body lotion to supplement nutrition. The purpose of using the scrub first is to allow the skin to absorb nutrients in a better state.

2. The main function of the scrub is to exfoliate. Due to metabolic and environmental factors, a lot of dirt accumulates on the surface of the skin. If the skin wants to absorb nutrients, it needs to pass through the obstacles of dirt, so that less nutrients are absorbed. So it is necessary to clean and then replenish nutrition.

3. Wet the body with warm water before using the scrub. You can also use the shower gel to clean the oil on the surface of the skin until the skin is completely soaked with water. Apply the scrub evenly to all parts of the body and massage gently with your hands The body, joints and horny areas need to be massaged for a while, and then rinsed with water.

Scrubs should not be used every day

Body scrubs, no matter what skin type, should not be used every day. Because the body scrub contains abrasive particles, if used every day, it will irritate the body skin. Moreover, the role of body scrub is to deep clean. If you use it every day, it is equivalent to deep cleaning the skin every day, which can easily lead to thinning of the skin cuticle and make the skin of the body sensitive and fragile. Therefore, body scrub cannot be used every day. A body scrub is best 2 to 3 times a week. But it also varies from person to person. For example, some people can have oily skin more frequently, two or three times a week. 

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