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Difference between Ampoule and Serum

Mar. 30, 2023

Difference between Ampoule and Serum

Do you think ampoules and serums are just different packaging? Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Today we will talk to you about the two concepts of "Ampoule" and "Serum".


Ampoule belongs to a kind of serum, but with higher concentration and more active ingredients, it belongs to "intensive repair serum". Usually, the ampoule can make the skin reach the best state in a short time, commonly used as a first aid serum, but not recommended for daily use. (Every day intensive filling nutrition, the skin can not stand ah)


The second step in skin care, use after cleansing, the amount should not be too much, 2 ~ 3 drops can be. The ampoules are packaged in sterile packaging, so if you don't use up an ampoule at a time, be sure to seal it and keep it in the refrigerator for no more than 2 days.


The serum consists of a complex of ingredients containing trace elements, collagen, serum, compounded by the brand's technical development. It is usually divided by functionality according to different needs (whitening, anti-aging, antioxidant, acne, etc.).

Method of use:

The third step of skincare, used after cleansing and toner, the amount is based on the amount that can be absorbed by the face. Serums do not require as much sealing, so just use the cap tightly after use.

To sum up, serum = excellent nutrient, while ampoule = problematic skin "first aid kit". The two components are different, the role of the skin is not the same, do not blindly follow the trend before buying, according to their own skin is the right solution to the right medicine oh!

Finally, advertise MAGIQUE HUAER's new products, the latest ampoule serum, there are different effects, moisturizing, anti-aging, acne, repair. Can be customized according to the needs of the product line, support their private label.

The following are in order: Repairing Ampoule Serum, Moisturizing Ampoule Serum, Anti-aging Ampoule Serum,Acne Ampoule Serum. Click on the image to view details


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