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Correct Use of Facial Cream

Mar. 14, 2022

In daily life, girls are always unavoidable to use a lot of skin care products, and face cream is one of them. Creams are thicker in texture and contain a lot of oil, so they are very suitable for dry skin. But many girls don't really understand the correct way to use face cream. Today I'm going to talk to you about how to use face cream. Let's take a look.

How should face cream be used?

In general, creams are mainly suitable for dry skin, because cream products are generally more moisturizing, so if the skin is dehydrated, the effect of moisturizing cream should be more significant; while lotions are mainly suitable for combination skin or oily skin. Of course, this is just a general statement. If the specific problem is analyzed in detail, there are many creams and lotions now divided into two types: moisturizing and refreshing, so the scope of application of creams and lotions will tend to be the same. Girls with oily skin can choose a gel-type moisturizing cream, while girls with dry skin can also choose a moisturizing lotion.

Correct Use of Facial Cream

When is the best time to use face cream?

There are many kinds of face creams, we can use the ones specific for the day time. This kind of face cream has more resistance factors and can effectively protect the skin. In the evening, we can use some creams with repairing ingredients.

As a skin care product, face cream is generally placed in the last step of skin care. The correct skin care steps are: cleansing - toner - mask - toner - lotion - cream. Of course, this step is not static, we can completely omit some intermediate steps according to our own situation.

Correct use of face cream

Step 1: Apply an appropriate amount of cream on the forehead, cheeks, nose tip, and chin, about the size of a soybean.

Step 2: Slowly push the cream on the forehead area from the middle to both sides, use a circular massage technique, and cooperate with some pressing actions to allow the skin to absorb the cream faster and better.

Step 3: After massaging the forehead, use the same technique to spread the cream on the chin evenly, and then gently shave along the contour of the face.

Step 4: Apply the cream on the cheek all the way to the ear, move it to the bottom of the ear, and then slowly slide it to the collarbone to help detoxify.

Step 5: Massage the eye skin 5-10 times, which can effectively improve dark circles, eye bags and other problems.

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