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Body Lotion
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Diamond Whitening Body Lotion

Magique Huaer Diamond Whitening Body Lotion's active ingredients, alpha arbutin, eliminate dead skin cell and guarantee the lightening of the darkest areas such as joints, hands, and feet. Together with vitamin B3, pearl, gold and multiple botanical essence, the white diamond body lotion restore your youthful skin tone, and enhances and unifies your skin texture.

Free Of:

No Animal Testing

Cruelty free



Star Ingredient:


Niacinamide can also increase the synthesis of free fatty acids, cholesterol, and ceramides to repair your skin barrier.


Gold is an inert metal with strong anti-oxidant properties. It can reduce peroxides and free radicals produced in your body, increase the vitality of skin cells and delay skin aging.

Vitamin E

It’s an A-player in protecting the skin cells from the nasty little things called free-radicals that want to destroy the lovely collagen that makes our skin nice and firm.


An optical isomer of naturally occurring arbutin. Alpha-arbutin is a skin-brightening, depigmenting agent.


We have more than 3000 mature formulas for your choice.

Besides we can also customize the products from formula, scent, package, and design etc. Just let us know your request, our team will work out the tailor made products for your business.

High quality customized products MOQ: 2000

Customize Ingredient
Customize Ingredient

Natural active ingredients, star ingredients support customization

Customize Formula
Customize Formula

Rich experienced engineers team help customize the unique formula

Customize Scent
Customize Scent

Rich experienced engineers team help customize the unique formula

Customize Packing Box Materials
Customize Packing Box Materials

Provide a variety of options, white card box, corrugated box, boutique box, etc

Customize Bottle & Capacity
Customize Bottle & Capacity

More than thousands bottle shapes and materials to help your products stand out

Customize Design Style
Customize Design Style

Professional design team and packaging planning team provide you with free services

If you want to get product sample or know more information, please contact us right now!

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